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World Cruising Routes - 1000 Routes from the South Seas to the Arctic

Jimmy Cornell (6th ed) R770

Cruising Guide to the Northwest Caribbean

(Stephen J. Pavlidis) - Volume 1 2008

The Northwest Caribbean crusing guide takes yachtsmen from the Windward passage to Guatemala, including the norther coast of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Bay Islands and mainland Honduras, Guatemala and the Rio Dulce.

Below is a list of the Imray marine cruising guides in stock: (prices are shown in South African Rand in red)

Ocean Passages and Landfalls - Cruisng routes of the world

(Rod  Heikell and Andy O'Grady) - 2nd ed. 2009

Ocean Passages and Landfalls provides invaluable passage-planning information for crossing the oceans, with discussions on climates, seasons, oceanography and the merits of different world cruising routes through the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, South Pacific, North Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans, including the Mediterranean Sea. 



Greek Waters Pilot

(Rod Heikell) - 11th Ed. 2011

The Greek Waters Pilot is the definitive cruising guide to the coasts and islands of Greece.  It covers the entire area from the Ionian Islands to the Aegean, Rhodes and Crete and includes details of over 450 harbors. 


North Africa - Gibraltar, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Pantelleria, The Pelagie Islands, and Malta

(Graham Hutt) - 3rd ed. 2005



Southeast Asia Cruising Guide Volume 2

(Stephen Davies & Elaine Morgan) 2nd ed. 2008

This guide encompasses Indonesia and East Timor, Singapore, West Peninsular Malaysia, West Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Palau.



Indian Ocean Cruising Guide - A yachtsman's handbook for the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia

(Rod Heikell) 2nd ed. 2007

This guide includes both the Northern and Southern Indian Ocean, the prevailing winds, currents, piracy, ITZC, passages westabout and eastabout,as well as infomation on formalities, route planning, harbour ports and a country by country round up.  Additional information on Malaysia, Thailand, the Seychelles, and Chagos archipelago have been included.



Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot - A yachtsman's guide to the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts of Turkey witht ehe Island of Cyprus

(Rod Heikell) 8th ed. 2009


Adriatic Pilot - A yachtsman's guide to Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, the East Coast of Italy and Albania

(Trevor and Dinah Thompson) 6th ed.2012



Atlantic Islands - A yachtsman's guide to the Azores, Madeira group, Canary Islands and Cape Verdes

(Anne Hammick) 4th ed. 2004



Grenada to the Virgin Islands - A cruising guide to the Lesser Antilles

(Jacques Patuelli) 2nd ed. 2007

This cruising guide covers the Caribbean from Grenada and Barbados to the Virgin Islands.  Each island is dealt with in detail and pilotage notes are ollowed by tourist information and the usual data on formalities and facilities.


Below is a list of the Chris Doyle Cruising Guide series in stock:

Venezuela and Bonaire (R390)

Leeward Islands (Anguilla through Dominica) (R460)


The Virgin Islands (R460)


The Windward Islands (Martinique to Grenada) (R460)


The Cruising Guide Series is the number 1 ranked guide series that includes:

- travel basics and island history

- charts and island navigation

- mega yacht and cruising services

- shoreside activities

- diving and snorkeling

We stock an array of second hand cruising guides at very reasonable prices.  The following are a few of the the books in stock at the moment:

Landfalls of Paradise - Cruising Guide to the Pacific Islands (5th ed) R350

Bodrum - Gokova, The Blue Voyage R50

Marmaris - Datca, Gokova - The Blue Voyage R50

The Blue Paradise of Lycia - R50

Western Australia Cruising - (2nd ed) R300

Imray Indian Ocean Cruising Guide (1st ed. 1999) - R250

Imray Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume 1 - South China Sea, Philippines, Gulf of Thailand to Singapore - R300

Imray Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume 2 - Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore and the Malacca Strait to Phuket - R300

Cruising guide from Acapulco to the Panama Canal - R120

Cruising the Turquoise coasts of Turkey - (1st ed) - R150

The Atlantic Crossing Guide - (5th ed) (brand new copy, some cover damage) - R500

Imray's Ionian - (7th ed) (Brand new copy, some cover damage) - R400

Adlard Coles' Channel harbours and anchorages (7th ed) - R100

Inlet Chartbook:  Southeastern USA - Chesapeake Bay to Miami (Revised 3rd ed) - R150

Cruising North Queensland - Coastal cruising notes from Bowen to Cairns R75

The pacific Crossing Guide - (2nd ed) - R400

Street's Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean Volume 1 - R100

Mariners Met Pack - South West Pacific (Produced for the New Zealand Met Service) - R75

Cruising the Coral Coast - A sailors guide to the ports, anchorages, rivers and reefs of Queensland and its Great Barrier Reef (7th ed) - R350

Cruising the Coral Coast - A sailors guide to the ports, anchorages, rivers and reefs of Queensland and its Great Barrier Reef (8th ed) - R400

Yachtsman's Fiji - A navigator's notebook R150

Northwest Boat Travel - For 24 years, the 'boater's bible' on Washington, B.C and S.E Alaska R100

The Pacific Crossing Guide (Michael Pocock) - R250

Mediteranean Spain - Costas de Azahar, Dorada and Brava (Denia to the French Border) (Brand new copy, slight ware on cover)  (4th ed) R600

Seychelles Pilot (Beneteau - Alain Rondeau) R350

Honduras and its Bay Islands - A Mariner's Guide R200

Charlie's Charts of the Western Coast of Mexico (including Baja) - R150

World Cruising Routes - Jimmy Cornell R280 (1990)

Fifty Plances to Sail Before You Die - Sailing experts share the world's greatest destinations R200

Circumnavigation:  Sail the Trade Winds Volume 1 (Fort Lauderdale to Fiji) R120




Tony Herrick has written and published a number of Cruising Guides and Sailing Notes with contributions from various world cruisers and local sailors. These are "best se

llers" and HIGHLY recommended for those circumnavigators (and local sailors) voyaging along the east coast of Africa and rounding the Cape of Good Hope to the Caribbean.

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(S.A.R. = South African Rand)

Welcome to Durban - a cruising guideWELCOME TO DURBAN - A Sailor's Guide -  by Tony Herrick. FREE!

This VERY useful booklet was compiled to assist the increasing numbers of cruisers, now taking the "Africa" route, to make landfall in South Africa. Although it is handed to all yachts on arrival, yachtsmen ideally wish to have it AHEAD of arrival to make use of the very relevant sections on approaches, radio channels, weather details, immigration and customs requirements, etc. The booklet also lists information and contact details regarding marinas, service agents, haul-out facilities, etc. "A MUST-HAVE".

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Also available as EBOOK (Free) for download.

by Tony Herrick
In ENGLISH (Wiro-bound)
S.A.R. R165.00

Notes to assist in the passage across the southern Indian Ocean - East to West and West to East. Descriptions of the routes and timing as well as the chart details and safe anchorages at the islands en-route (with photos).
... (More info)

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Also available as EBOOK for download (US$8.00)

by Tony Herrick
In English (Wiro-bound)
S.A.R. R165.00

Very difficult to find information on these Islands and Atolls in the Mozambique Channel. This publication is a MUST for cruising in the Channel, either heading North or South.
.......(More info)

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Also available as EBOOK for download (US$7.00).

by Tony Herrick
S.A.R. 185.00

These invaluable cruising notes cover the east coast of South Africa from the Mozambique border in the north to Cape Town (Cape of Good Hope) in the south. Each section is covered in detail with chart details, lists of lights, dangers, port approaches, radio channels and procedures, buoys, weather details, photos and diagrams, the Agulhas Current behavior, harbours and anchorages, general passage notes, sailing directions, etc. South African sailors sail along this coast regularly and their educated input is included in this publication.

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Also available as EBOOK (US$9.90) for download.

by Tony Herrick
S.A.R. 295.00

Information on the route from Cape Town to Brazil and the Caribbean is highly sought-after. These detailed cruising notes cover the route from Cape Town up the west coast and across the Atlantic, including the possible stop-overs (i.e. St Helena), the Brazil coast & offshore islands, etc. Chart details, passage notes & sailing directions, lights, dangers, radio channels, ALL harbours and anchorages en-route AND on arrival, the Brazilian coast up to Trinidad, weather details, photos and diagrams, etc.

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NOT currently available as EBOOK for download (Updating).

By Jeanne Pockel
FREE Ebook only

Jeanne Pockel and her husband Peter have been cruising for 20 years. She has compiled this collection of hints and tips in a "Dictionary" format that every cruiser (and boat owner) should have on board. JeanneP graciously offers this publication at no charge to assist all those sailors "out there" as well as those still searching for useful information.

FREE download from the EBOOKS page.